Quiz 8 diagnosis

Final Diagnosis:

A) Neoplastic


This case doesn’t actually have biopsy confirmation, otherwise cytology is adequate to make diagnosis

fig 1 bottom left: normal bronchial cells, on the right side neoplastic cells

fig 2 bottom left: malignant cells, on the right side reactive cells

fig 3,4,5: aggregates of malignant cells

  1. I was wondering why the conclusion didn´t specify the tumor, aren´t you supposed to mention that instead of just neoplastic or non neoplastic…. it does matter for the treatment doesn´t it.


    • hello, thanks for the comment. you’re right, specify the type of tumor is useful for the treatment and in this case to be answered: non-small cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma likely. But it was not the aim of the quiz; someone can find easy to answer even specifying the type of cancer, but someone less experienced might be in trouble even with the understand whether it is neoplastic or not, doesn´t it?


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