quiz 2 diagnosis

Final Diagnosis:

 B) Small Cell Carcinoma



Pulmonary Biopsy: Small cell Carcinoma of lung   

Hematoxilin & eosin

hematoxilin & eosin











immunohystochemistry: Synaptofisin +

  1. This kind of has a little more cytoplasm and rounder nuclei. How about atypical carcinoid?? How was Ki67??


    • Thank you for the comment. I would like to focus about cytomorphological pattern: in the first image there is azopardi artifacts ( eg trichocariosis), in the third picture there is necrosis. Ki67 >40%. Maybe those are not the best picture i have ever seen, but the three dignostic option are helpful to make the right choose. Yes differential diagnosis is atypical carcinoid. It was better if i showed the ki67!
      Cheers, Davide


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