CASE N°15 – Chondrosarcoma FNA Cytology & Histology

Clinical History:

Age: 63

Sex: Male

The patient are not aware of the growing tumor until he noted lump on the right shoulder.

Thorax x-rays: not recognize the scapula due to massive osteolytic lesion.

CT-SCAN – destructive neoformation of 10 cm in diameter of the scapula

Cytological Images:

Cytological material: Percutaneous FNA of the right shoulder mass

PAP 100x

PAP 200x

PAP 400x

H/E 100x

H/E 400x

H/E 600x

Cytological Report:

Numerous  and isolated malignant cells admixed to amorphous material. Positive for malignancy.  

Histological Images:

H/E 20x

H/E 40x

H/E 200x

H/E 400x

Histological Report:

Chondrosarcoma GI-II


Chondrosarcoma is a member of a category of tumors of bone and soft tissue known as sarcomas. Chondrosarcoma originate from transformed cells that produce cartilage.  About 30% of skeletal system cancers are chondrosarcomas. While the disease can affect people of any age, unlike most other forms of skeletal system cancer, it is more common among older people than among children, and more often affects the axial skeleton than the appendicular skeleton.
Earlier diagnosis is generally accidental, when a patient undergoes testing for another problem and physicians discover the cancer. Occasionally the first symptom will be a broken bone at the cancerous site.
Prognosis depends on how early the cancer is discovered and treated. For the least aggressive grade, about 90% of patients survive more than five years after diagnosis. People usually have a good survival rate at the low grade volume of cancer. For the most aggressive grade, more than a quarter of patients live more than five years.

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