CASE N°07 – Syringoadenoma of the Breast

CASE N°07 – Syringoadenoma of the Breast

Clinical History:

Age: 53

Sex:  female

Well defined fibrous nodule about 0,8 cm. in diameter. The nodule was located on superficial breast tissue, around the nipple. It was clinically suspicious for neoplasm.

Cytological Images:

Cytological material: Breast FNA

Cytological Report:

Low cellularity. Papillary aggregates of epithelial duct cells sometimes with cytoplasmic vacuolization and nuclear irregularity,  occasionally with phenomena of cellular cannibalism. Foamy cells and red blood cells are also present.

Atypical finding, probably benign

Histological Images:

Hystological material: Nodule excision

Histological Report:

Papillary Syringoadenoma


This particular and rare benign tumor of the breast may present clinical  (& cytological) aspect that mimics breast ductal carcinoma. The site of the lesion (superficial & around the nipple), lack of cellular dischoesion & obviously atypical nuclear features may help to identify this uncommon tumor type.

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