CASE N°32 – Pleural effusion, Pulmonary Carcinoma & immunohistochemistry

Clinical History:

Age: 93

Sex: Male

TAC-SCAN thorax: Lung parenchyma convoluted in the lower left lobe. Left pleural effusion and drainage. Absence of focal lesions of neoplastic or inflammatory meaning at the level of the remaining  investigated parenchyma. No pleural effusion on the right. Conglomerates of lymph node in the main stations in the subcarinal mediastinal hilar (axis 26 mm).

X-Ray thorax: thickening of the lower lobe of the left lung and homolateral pleural effusion


1-6 cytological speciemen: Pleural effusions

7,8 immunohistochemistry

Pleura_composit 8 foto

Cytological Report:

Positive for malignant glandular epithelial cells (immunohistochemical profile: TTF-1 +, calretinin )
predominantly arranged in aggregates, mixed with activated mesothelial cells, lymphocytes, granulocytes, and erythrocytes.
The morphological phenotype is suggestive for lung adenocarcinoma.

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