CASE N°31 – Ovarian Carcinoma in Ascites

Clinical History:

Age: 63

Sex: Female

Abdomen TAC-SCAN: carcinomatosis that engages particularly the omentum
in the context of which you appreciate solid pathological neoplasm (axis 52 mm).


1-4 cytological speciemen: ascites

5-6 histological speciemen: omental biopsy

Ascite composit 6 foto

Cytological Report:

Presence of rare malignant epithelial tumor cells predominantly isolated, mixed with activated mesothelial cells, lymphocytes and granulocytes

Histological Report:

High-grade serous carcinoma of the left ovary, necrotic, with aspects of papillary and sometimes
micropapillary growth, localized to the left pelvic peritoneum

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