FNAC Adequacy

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC): How to prepare slides to assess adequacy 

FNAC is a procedure in which a thin needle is inserted into various body sites (breast, thyroid, lung, lymph node, etc.) to collect a sample of cells from the nodule (lump), object of the investigation. Small amount of slides are prepared and later examined under an optical microscope to determine if you have cancer, infection, or any other disease. FNAC is a simple procedure that requires a few minutes to complete.

Sometimes the consultant needs to know in real-time if the amount of material obtained in FNAC procedure is quantitatively and qualitatively adequate for making final cytological diagnosis. If it is inadequate, the FNAC procedure may have immediately repeated, if adequate the results of the cytological analysis will be reported.

Adequacy can ensure the clinician & the patient a final diagnosis of the disease.


 Instrument & materials needed: optical microscope, slides, coverslides, fixative for cytology, pencil, formalin solution , staining solution for cytology

       Place obtained material on the slides

 Handle in this way two slides, only one with material

 Gently press the material between the two slides

 Let the slide scrolling on each other along the longest side

 Two slides ready to fix

 Fix using spry for cytology, almost 20 cm. distant from the slides

    Quick stain & mounting for microscope preparation

     Take a look at the slides & tell the consultant if it is adequate or not

 Centrifuge the remaining material, if possible

 Place the precipitate in formalin solution about one hour

 Place in little box for paraffin embedded  tissue

 Obtain section at microtome. This is useful for further investigation (Immunohistochemistry)

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